Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking PSY400 Social Psychology

Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking

PSY400 Social Psychology

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Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking


Conflict is widespread in the world we live in today.  It is so prevalent that there are research studies on ways to create peace out of divergence.  The article chosen for the purpose of this paper sheds light on one of the most successful initiatives in conflict resolution—the United Nations peace building process in Sierra Leone.  The peacemaking process has led to sustainable peace in a region where a 10-year civil war, the most atrocious in Africa’s history, resulted in over 70,000 dead, thousands permanently maimed by machete and bullets and many displaced.

Major factors in peacemaking include contact, cooperation, communication, and conciliation. Contact refers to individuals of all varying economic status, location, language, and diversity.  Contact actually encourages a deeper relationship between those who are in disparity, and equal status contact tends to

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