Core Value Healing vs Curing

Core Value Healing vs Curing

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Holistic nursing is a part of all nurses but which value do each and every nurse actually possess.  There are five core values in which every nurse may relate to however more than likely relate one more than the other four.  The core values of holistic nursing is According to the Online Journal of Issues of Nursing the five standards are, “1) Holistic Philosophy and Education; 2) Holistic Ethics, Theories, and Research; 3) Holistic Nurse Self-Care; 4) Holistic Communication, Therapeutic Environment and Cultural Competence; and 5) Holistic Caring Process..”(“Standards for Holistic Nursing,” 2001)    Holistic values separately are important but together complete the holistic process.

Core value number 3 is the holistic vault that identify with most for it is focused on self-care.  As a nurse in order to provide care one must first focused on being the best they can be a first must be through focusing on one self.  As a nurse if you neglect your own health how this is setting an example for the patient you care for. Nurses are not perfect individuals and too often struggle with health concerns and need to care for oneself.  As nurse the care we seek and obtain for ourselves can be that positive outlook for our patient if they see and understand that as nurse we too have health concerns and can relate what they may be experiencing and can share how they are coping with health concerns. Presenting the best holistic self as a nurse give our patient good examples and guides to follow. Core value 3, Holistic Nurse Self-care, is based on the belief that nurses must engage in self-care to promote health and personal awareness so that the nurse may serve others as

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