NURS 6051 N-25 Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Technology

NURS 6051 N-25 Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Technology

Week 4 Assignment

The Laboring Epidural

Walden University

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An epidural is often the most requested form of pain management for laboring patients in the facility where I work.  There is often concern from patients, family members, and healthcare providers as to the safety of an epidural for the laboring patient and unborn baby.  The purpose of this paper is to present a clinical question regarding epidurals for laboring patients, and explain how I related the research information to advance through the nursing informatics (NI) concepts of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom.  The steps taken, databases searched, and keywords searched, to obtain this information, will be explained in the following pages.


To develop the question to be the focus of my research, I considered my patient population which is laboring patients.  The most requested intervention for the elimination of pain is the administration of epidural anesthesia.  Patient concerns regarding an epidural are the safety of the epidural for themselves and their baby.  The desired outcome is the elimination of pain while in labor.  After considering all information, the clinical question that I formulated is as follows: Is the administration of epidural anesthesia safer, for all laboring patients and their unborn infants, than other forms of anesthesia to manage pain during labor?

Steps Taken

To answer the question that I formulated, I went to the Walden Library.  Before any research article search, it is important to determine keywords to use.  Keywords are entered into the search engine, to help narrow down the pursuit of the topic, to give maximum results (Stekel, 2011).  The Keywords used to identify articles relevant to my research were “epidural anesthesia”, and “labor*” and “safety”.  Searching for articles by topic, I chose the nursing subject

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