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Optimal ADR Process

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The ADR Process is often used to help guide individuals through disputes and to aide in resolving a solution at the lowest level. The idea is to give both parties the best possible resolution between interests. Not all methods will work for everyone and in the end many will still wind up in the Arbitration process, this paper will outline a process and then a solution for an individual dispute outlined in the reading.

Optimal ADR Process

The Alternative Dispute Resolution process is designed for individuals who have conflict that may benefit outside of the walls of a courtroom. It is a given that not all individuals will be able to achieve their goals in the interest to better serve them through this process, however it is up to their legal team to advise them in best possible outcome to achieve these goals. As we dive in we will touch base on a well thought out process and then we will try and resolve or lay out a course of action for a dispute between t individuals beginning in the alternative dispute process. The alternative dispute process will be referred to as the ADR process through the remainder of this paper.


The ADR Process
In order to determine what route to take we must first understand the needs and wants of the individuals or disputants and what the true intent of the dispute is. More often than not emotions are

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