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Retail Store Layout and Design

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Retail store business offers a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to start a business in this line. However, starting and managing a good retail store business is not a walk in the park, it requires proper planning and management (Madaan, 2009). Essentially, a good and appealing retail store business requires an appealing layout and design which will potentially attract customers.

This project presents a layout and design for Swiftculture Fashions retail store to be located in the New South Wales Town near the New South Wales Arts and Gallery store. The arts and gallery store is a cultural tourist destination, visited by tourist from around the world throughout the year, and thus offers a unique opportunity for a sustainable retail store dealing with cultural fashions.

This project will discuss the essentials of this retail store which includes the layout plan, design, customer service, visual merchandising and overall management strategy which will potentially guide the start-up the process.

Swiftculture Fashion Layout

The layout of a retail store is crucial in attracting potential customers. Since the space for putting up the store is not much, the floor plan will be a straight one. A straight floor plan

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