Social Biases Psych/555 Social Psychology

Social Biases

Psych/555 Social Psychology

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Social Biases


Society indifferences causes grouping and separation within the individuals in society. When these biases occur it can affect the groups and minimize the possible positive interaction between chosen groups. Several common forms of biases within society are stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice. Each of these responses can be categorized of social relation to aspects such as a cognitive (stereotype) , affective (prejudices) and behavioral (discrimination) responses. Prejudices are the assumption that individuals have on a group, community or society in which they are perceiving. Prejudices develop from an emotional stand to the individual group in which the assumptions your feelings are about. The prejudice individual maybe angered or uncomfortable in the surrounding or interaction with this particular group. “For example, a White individual refusing to drink from the same water fountain as a Black individual based solely on racial bias represents prejudice by the White individual. The White individual has no factual information to support not drinking from the same water fountain; however, he or she has a preconceived idea of the Black individual and therefore refuses to use the same drinking fountain,” (Keene,

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