Strategic Use of Technology

Strategic Use of Technology

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Strategic Use of Technology

The new hiring system which will be employed by CIC will help the three level of management in making improved decision as shown in the table below

Role Level Example of Possible Decision Supported by Hiring System.
Senior/Executive Managers

Business based decision.

Manager identification

Innovation and creativity

one CEO can make decision suing the hiring system of sourcing new line managers

CFO can make decision of creating a cost effect strategy that will make sure that the resources within the organization are used in the right way.

They can also make decision of employing innovative and also creative employees in the company.

Middle Managers

(director of human resource and the recruiting managers)

two Human source manger can use the new system in the process of sourcing the employees that they want with this case the employees who are aligning with the company need of innovation and creativity.

Recruitment manager can use the system to select those candidates who are fitting the company’s required employee. The system can selectively identify the best suited employees.

Operational Managers

Line managers

three Making decision on who to place different employees according to their skill and expertizes. The fact is that the system has the capability of placing all  employees according to their value and also the skills which are needed in the case provided


The new hiring system will enable the CEO to be able to communicate those people in the supply chain. Through the system, the company will be able to identify the market place where it can explore

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