Violent crimes of murder

Violent crimes of murder

Lorena Bobbit was charged with cutting off her husband’s penis Andrea Yates was charged with drowning her five children. In our case Lorena Bobbit was acquitted by reason of insanity. Bobbiit was convicted a later on the verdict was reversed and was acquitted on retrial. In some case, the case the public may be desirable which tends to encourage public examination of moral premises. Later on Bobbitt was acquitted because of insanity. Sometimes people should be made aware of the power of their emotions on the process of processing information, of which they could have both positive and negative responses which can be the basis of biased judgment. To this matter, the two women Lorena Bobbitt and Andrea Yates case should be abolished and they should not be responsible for their malicious action since they were out of their mind when they were committing their brutal violent crimes

Insanity as a defense

Insanity defense is the type of defense that is asserted by the person accused in a criminal prosecution which avoids liability for the commission of the crime because at that instant of the wrongfulness or quality of the acts.

Many criminal defendants use this defense. There is a

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